Wednesday, May 19, 2010

Today I had my annual physical exam (it’s actually been about a year and a half–I’m bad like that).

Everything went fine.  But as usual, I got REALLY nervous before hand.  I’m not sure why.  This doctor is SO nice.  She doesn’t rush me.  Makes sure all my questions are answered.  For any females out there…you can’t even tell that she’s done the PAP smear.  She has given me a prescription for Percocet for period cramps.  I mean, what more can you ask for?

All I can say is that this was only the second time I’ve gone to her so maybe it was just not knowing her that well.  But NEXT year I’m not going to be nervous.

I didn’t have to get any blood work.  She told me that studies show that as long as your cholesterol was within normal limits, and there are no major life changes (i.e., weight loss or gain, high blood pressure, chest pain, etc.) then you can go 3-4 years with checking.  My last appointment numbers were good–LDL 114, HDL 50, triglycerides 55.   My fasting glucose was good then too–78.  Last tetanus 2005.  So I’m good to go!  She did give me a referral for a foot doctor (to ask about that darn bunion) and also I’m going to get an x-ray on my left knee to figure out again if there is something causing the somewhat frequent pain there.  And I got a refill on the Percocet.  Life is good.

Of course while I was gone Kimm had a bloody nose that lasted for 45 minutes.  YIKES.  Thankfully it stopped on its own.  I hate bloody noses.

Now I’m going to bed for a quick nap before work tonight.

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