Now I Remember Why I Sometimes Did Not Like the Gym.

Tuesday, May 18, 2010

I have to say, we’ve been doing really good at meeting our “goal” for the gym–four times a week.  I know we have just joined, but last week, we went twice (joined at the mid-point of the week) and this week already three times (I’ll be going again on Saturday).  So that makes me happy.

However, my knee is beginning to bother me again.  It’s a weird pain, this knee thing.  It’s a dull ache/uncomfortable feeling on the top of my knee on the left side only–this is the area where a LONG time ago (probably about ten years) I was attempting running and as I was running I felt “something” and ever since then I’ve had this pain on and off–mostly off since I stopped going to the gym about a year or so ago.  And I was doing fine for the first few times at the gym, but then I think with all the inclines–I like to do inclines in order to really work a sweat–my knee has begun to hurt again.  So I stopped with the steep inclines.  I’m going more for slow and steady.  But today after using the leg press machine at a higher weight, it hurts again.  Argh.  This really makes me mad.  I WANT to do more and I could if only not for this stupid knee!

Well, I do have a doctor’s appointment tomorrow and I guess I could ask about it.  Back when this originally happened I had x-rays and worked with a physical therapist with no real solution.  The pain never went away.  So I just gave up.  But I guess it doesn’t hurt to ask again.

Kimm’s team lost their second game in the semi-finals.  Stupid team.  Don’t you know that you are making for a VERY grumpy Kimm and that I then have to deal with it?? 🙂

Why do three days off go by so fast?  Just asking.

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