Tuesday, May 11, 2010

Just not feeling 100% today.  I think I may be catching a cold (which I blame COMPLETELY on working extra yesterday and still trying to catch up on sleep).

And of course, I’m right on schedule to go back in tonight.  Thankfully for only one night.  Then I’ll have two off to try to better recuperate.

I think the one thing that hurts my body with the night schedule is just switching back and forth from sleeping nights and days.   I do feel lucky that I can do it, but I don’t think my body likes it too much 🙂

Yay (for Kimm)–the Canadiens have managed to hold out for one more game–game 7 of the second round is on Wednesday.  If they lose, then they are done…if they win, on to round three.  I hope they win (for Kimm’s sake and therefore mine…she’ll be a bear if they lose).

Another yay–Kimm mowed and weed-wacked the lawn yesterday and it looks GREAT.

I’m going to drink lots of (free) orange juice tonight at work to further ward off any cold that may be brewing.  Later all.

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