I HATE Bees!

Sunday, May 2, 2010

It is only the second day of May and I already am hating that the bees are out and about.

I mean, they have been out already in April–the big, black fuzzy bees flying around our yard, dive-bombing our heads.  But now they are starting to invade our space–Kimm killed three hornets in the house today.  Thank god I was sleeping.

And then one of the worst things happened.  We decided to get some Chinese food tonight just because it was so DARN HOT–90 degrees, 85 in the house.  So we took Izzy with us when we went to pick the food up.  And while we were driving, all of a sudden Izzy kind of jumps in the back seat and I think I see something out of the corner of my eye that looks like a flying insect.  So immediately I think…BEE.  But Kimm looks back at Izzy and the back seat and doesn’t see anything.  So we think that maybe something flew in one window and out the other.  Okay, all fine and dandy.

We come home and eat our yummy Chinese food.  We do stuff on the computer.  Then we decide…it’s STILL really hot and wouldn’t some ice cream taste good.  Yep, it sure would.

So we get in the car and start driving.  But we decide to take a scenic route and drive down this road that I know a house is for sale on…a street that I recently found out that a co-worker lives on.  And while we are driving, minding our own business, listening to music, with the air conditioner on (wonderful!)…all of a sudden I hear buzzing.  And I say to Kimm….”I think there’s a bee in the car.”  So I try to stop the car but my heart is beating so fast that my mind and hands don’t function well together.  There’s screeching as I try to put the car in park while it’s still moving.  I see a bee in the back window.  I finally stop the car and we both hop out, open all the windows and hope the bee will fly out.  Which it does not.   I get closer and see it is a big black fuzzy fee.  WTF!!!!

So we look for something to get it out with.  I see I have a windshield snow brush.  Kimm, being the brave one…hits the bee a few times and we think, okay it’s dead.  Only the bad thing is…we CAN’T FIND THE BEE!!!  We spent a good ten minutes looking for it in the car.  Nothing.

So we continue the drive to get our ice cream, but of course I can hardly drive I’m so petrified the dang thing is half dead and angry and going to attack me.  But we get to the store.  We look AGAIN for the bee.  Nothing.  We go in and get our ice cream and come out and look again.  Still see nothing.

That’s when I see that I had some ice de-froster that we could have used earlier.  Arghh.  But we had bought a can of Raid at the store with our ice cream so I felt a little bit better.  I mean, who doesn’t go to the store to get Raid and ice cream 🙂

We drove home.  We checked one more time.  Still nothing.  So I THINK I’m convinced the bee is dead.  But still not happy AT ALL that we couldn’t find it.

So the plan is to come out this week and clean my car from top to bottom–windows (inside and out), vacuum, take out misc stuff.  And if the bee still doesn’t show itself I’ll have to let it go.

But believe me, I won’t be happy when I have to drive to work on Wednesday.  Because there’s not really a lot of places to pull over on the highway if you have a bee in the car.  I might just have a heart attack.

Wouldn’t that be a story.


Of course I can’t follow that moral anymore because Izzy likes to ride with us and smell the air through the open windows.

So I guess I’ll just have to get a lot braver.

How will that happen?

Stay tuned.

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