A Bad Night

Saturday, April 24, 2010

I had the WORST night last night.

Started with two patients.  How bad can that be, right?

Well, they always say, things can change fast in nursing.

Then I got an admission and a transfer at the same time.  The transfer was confused, pulling at his Foley and IV, and agitated…had a sitter.  Needed a lot of attention.  The admission was “chest pain” and he really did have chest pain.  So I’m doing the chest pain protocol…EKG, Nitroglycerin, Morphine, oxygen…took a long time.  Still had night meds to give.  Then my other guy who was admitted with “chest pain” also starts complaining of chest pain and he doesn’t speak hardly any English so it’s hard to communicate.  Through into the mix my last patient whose hand was not disconnected from the call bell all night long.

I was so behind all night long.

And then to make things worse at the very end, the confused sitter patient started having difficulty breathing and needed to be transferred to ICU…right at 7:30 am!  Needless to say, I didn’t get out until after 8:15.  I was exhausted and felt like I didn’t do enough for any of my patients.  A VERY FRUSTRATING night.

And I’ve only been off of orientation for less than a week.  And NEVER dealt with a chest pain while on orientation.  Nice, huh?

Okay, done venting.  Thank goodness all nights are not like that.

Tonight Kimm FINALLY got her glasses 🙂  And then we stopped at Subway on the way home.  Watched Pleasantville while we ate.  We’re planning on another movie tonight if I can keep my eyes open.

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