Third Time’s a Charm???

Friday, April 23, 2010

Today we took a trip up to Holyoke again to pick up Kimm’s glasses.  The first time she picked them up, she noticed two large scratches on the lenses.  This time, before she left, she scrutinized them thoroughly, and sure enough, another scratch that looked like a piece of hair on the lens.  So now they are re-ordering the lens and trying again.  So hopefully when we go tomorrow they will be right.  SO FRUSTRATING.

I’m getting ready for work.  Leftover lasagna…yum.

One night on then one off.  Should hopefully go by quickly.

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Dinner In

*postdated to Thursday, April 22, 2010

Today just flew by.

We both slept REALLY well.  Which is so nice!

Then got up and took Izzy for a walk.  Absolutely beautiful morning 🙂

Lots of errands…Madeline’s medicine, Charlie’s food, Izzy’s food, a new collar for Izzy, food for us, and drinks.

We had friends over tonight for dinner.  I made our favorite Alfredo Vegetable Lasagna.  It was so good.  With salads and garlic bread.  They brought wine…Fat Bastard and Chocolate Box.  Didn’t like the Chocolate Box.  I drank the whole Fat Bastard…it was smooth!

Now I’m debating whether to get up at 7 am to meet friends from work.  They are going out for a drink in the morning.  Hmmm….sleep or drink?  Plus I have to go to work tomorrow night.  Decisions, decisions.  I REALLY should get together with people since I rarely do it.  But 7 in the morning!  Someone has to rethink the getting together times 🙂

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