Happy 71st Birthday Dad!

Friday, April 16, 2010

Today is my dad’s birthday 🙂  He got to enjoy his birthday with a movie (The Last Song–which he said was a real tear jerker!), dinner out (pizza), and CAKE (wish I could have a piece).

I can’t believe he is 71 years old.  Where does the time go??

All the best to you in the new year Dad.  I love you.

In other news, last night (my second night off of orientation) was again really busy.  The floor I’m on now is really transitional.  There are four more new nurses coming and not only that we are losing many cna’s who are actually nursing students graduating this semester.  So it seems like we are always short of people.  Which makes for a very busy night.  But I got through it.  No real cardiac issues–just a patient with a blood pressure in the 60s/70s systolically (normal is over 100).  So lots of fluid boluses but it finally came up.

I only got a short two-hour nap this morning because I made Kimm and I eye appointments.  It’s been over a year since my last eye appointment.  Thankfully my eyes have not really changed.  Although she did mention that my left optic nerve is bigger than the right so she did some additional tests (to make sure no early glaucoma).  Everything turned out fine.  I just love my eye doctor…she’s so nice and explains things so well.  I wish she was a regular doctor!

Kimm’s eyes changed of course (it’s been over five years ago since her last eye appointment).  But she found out that she definitely only needs to wear her glasses for distance.  Lucky her!

We both decided to get new glasses.  That was quite a chore picking them out.  It’s so hard to see what you look like in the frames when you need glasses to see!  But we remembered that we had our iphones with us and just took pictures of our favorite frames.  That REALLY helped.  It was an expensive trip.  My glasses will be about $450.  WHOOOAAA.  Kimm’s were about $100 (she got some discount from her insurance–my insurance doesn’t cover anything for glasses which SUCKS).  $450 vs. $100.  NOT FAIR.  I really believe that insurance should cover a basic frame (like up to $100 every two years) and lens if the prescription changes.  I mean we are talking about vision here people.  Seriously.  I completely dislike our health care system.  No wonder old people can’t see well.  They can’t afford new glasses.

Okay rant over.

We had Subway for lunch.  Very good veggie subs.

Then a much needed nap.

After computer time we will be watching some Gilmore Girls and snacking 🙂

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