Sunday, April 11, 2010

I REALLY like to stay at home.  It’s my comfort zone.  I love how happy I feel here.  I definitely classify myself as a homebody 🙂

Tonight we were going to get together with friends that we haven’t seen in a while, but then they cancelled at the last minute.  So we just had a night of relaxing.

A great meal–veggie burgers on the 100 calorie multi-grain sandwich thins (so good), sweet potato fries (even Kimm likes these when I season them with some olive oil, S & P, garlic powder and cumin–recipe coming soon), and salads with avocado and homemade dressing (again recipe coming soon).  I really am slacking in this whole recipe thing (remember the one new recipe each week!)–I’ll have to catch up this month.

Tonight we are finally going to watch Capitalism by Michael Moore again.  I fell asleep the first time we tried to watch it!  I’ll make some popcorn to go with it.  Can’t wait.

Have I mentioned that I LOVE my days off? 🙂

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