Is This April? Seriously??

Wednesday, April 7, 2010

The temps here got up to OVER 90 degrees today!


Of course I spent a good portion of the day sleeping since I worked last night.  But the heat of the day did wake me up earlier than normal.  Kimm and I were off to Target by 3:30 pm.  And didn’t get back til about 6:30 pm!  As usual, that store sucks you in 🙂  We got our normal household stuff, but also a 3rd DVD/CD holder to put together for the living room.  And some trivets.  And some new measuring cups and spoons.  It was fun.

But we were STARVING when we got home.  I quickly whipped up our mini-pizzas (with tomatoes and onions) and a salad on the side that was phenomenal.  I will have to post this soon.  Just two things to whet your appetite–avocados and homemade vinaigrette!!

It’s been a relaxing evening.  I think Izzy doesn’t know what to do with the heat.  Hopefully this is not a premonition of how warm the summer is going to be.  If it is, I’m really going to regret not getting the central air!

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