There’s nothing like that mirror in the dressing room…

Tuesday, March 23, 2010

…to make you feel FAT.

Can you tell that I attempted to go summer clothes shopping tonight?

Was not fun.  I guess when you wear scrubs and sweatpants the majority of the time, you really kind of forget what your body really looks like.  I have lots of rolls of fat.

Guess I’ll be making a more concentrated effort to lose weight again.

SO frustrating.  Especially when I feel I don’t eat THAT much.

In other news…Kimm got seven (!) pairs of shorts 🙂  I’m very happy for her.  She rocks them all!

Only three more days on days.  Thank goodness.  I’m really tired of getting up early as I’m sure everyone reading this is tired of me complaining about it.

Maybe I’ll squeeze in one more Gilmore Girls before bed.

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