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Saturday, March 20, 2010

Happy First Day of Spring!!

I think I took the exact same picture last spring 🙂  Yep, here it is…although it was March 31st last year…spring has sprung earlier this year!!

Today was another really beautiful day…it hit 75 degrees!

In order to celebrate we headed outside to do some yard work.  I tackled the side yard–raked the whole thing.  Tons of fallen branches, oak leaves from last fall, and acorns…TOO MANY ACORNS.  I couldn’t get them all with the rake I was using so I will probably have to try to get some different kind of rake with smaller tines.

Izzy joined us outside and was VERY happy

Kimm worked on the area behind the shed and on the side of the garage.  She got ALL of the horrible shrubbery out.  Now we can devise something to put between the garage and the fence to keep Izzy in so she can run free!

She was pretty grumpy for the first part of being outside since she was wrestling with a large, deep root.  But after that was out and she made quicker progress she cheered up.

See, here I even got a picture of her smiling 🙂

I filled two large lawn bags…Kimm filled two and a half!

My final product.  Now if only I would have remembered to take a BEFORE picture!  Just picture the yard full of sticks and leaves, okay!

After getting done I thoroughly enjoyed a long, hot shower.

We splurged and got a veggie pizza for dinner.  It was yummy and now we have leftovers for tomorrow lunch.

Now the plan is to study ABGs (arterial blood gases…how to interpret them)–you’re jealous, I can tell.

After Kimm finishes watching her hockey game we will be watching Gilmore Girls and finishing off the ice cream that we got yesterday.  Sure was a nice treat!

Can’t wait for another great day tomorrow.

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