I Really Think Spring is Here!

Tuesday, March 9, 2010

Another GORGEOUS day here!  I really think we’ve made it through the roughest part of winter.  I’m not saying that winter is completely over.  I mean, hey, it is New England…we could get a snowstorm at any point. But it was so sunny and warm today!  And it’s going to be nice tomorrow too.  The only glitch in the weather is rain for the weekend.  But I’m working, so I don’t really care!

Today we got a lot accomplished–grocery shopping, a new collar for Izzy, and drawer dividers for our junk drawer (we got three of them…one for me, one for Kimm and one for Izzy).  I made dinner, did the dishes, and called my parents!

And now we are going to watch some TV and head to bed.

Oh, and in case you were wondering…yes, that was maple bread that we bought from the store on sale today for $1.99.  But no, we won’t be having any for breakfast tomorrow, even though it sounds delish.  Why you ask?  Oh yeah…OUR DOG ATE THE ENTIRE LOAF WHILE WE WERE OUT SHOPPING.  Darn dog.  Wonder what her poop will be like tomorrow?

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BN Race

Monday, March 8, 2010

We had a fun Monday night!

Date night at Barnes and Noble 🙂

It’s been quite a while since we made the trek up to BN.  I was DETERMINED to get something there tonight.  Usually my MO is to look around, grab a pile of books to browse through that I may be interested in buying, and then rejecting them all for multiple reasons.

Well tonight I was successful!  Even though it was a race until the last minute before they closed.  I DID happen to pick up a stack of books (mostly on critical care nursing), but then decided against ALL of them based on cost, depth of information, user friendliness, and plain ol’ common sense (meaning I said to myself, “Kaye, most of this information is in your nursing books from school at home that you haven’t looked at much since you graduated…so dust them off and start to read them before spending all this extra money buying something that you don’t need!”  So when there was only 5 minutes left, I decided I would buy the next quilting series book by Jennifer Chiaverini.  But of course I didn’t know what was the next book!  Good thing I had internet access on my iphone 🙂  So at THE LAST minute I was able to find the next book in the series.  There was only one copy left so lucky me.

So that’s that story.

We also enjoyed cappuccinos from the cafe.  I added toffee nut syrup and Kimm had mocha syrup.  They were yummy.

Now I am struggling to keep my eyes open even though Kimm says she’s not tired.  I hate being tired when I’m home.  A nap would be perfect right about now!  Instead I think I will head to bed soon.

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