Cleaning Maniac

Sunday, March 7, 2010

Today I FINALLY got the piles of junk/clutter picked up around my chair in the office.  Remember this was part of my goal for this month?  Well, now it is done.  Hopefully I’ll do as good a job of keeping it clutter-free as I have been doing with the top of my dresser.

And yesterday Kimm and I cleared a whole bunch of clutter off the kitchen counters.  When I walked down to the kitchen this morning it was so nice to see less stuff.  Calming to the eye.

It’s another beautiful day here 🙂  Now I have to get ready to go into work.  Going in on a Sunday night when it is technically my “weekend off” is going to take some getting used to!  But at least it’s only one night and then two more off!  Kimm and I have plans for the next couple of nights too, so I’m looking forward to that–a trip to the mall and a stop at Barnes and Noble!!  It’s been quite a while.  But I see a few new books in my future–always a happy thought.

Just a thought…the bane of my existence–THINGS TO FILE.  They make me want to ignore them–which is what I generally do!

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