The End and the Beginning

Sunday, February 28, 2010

It’s the end of February my friends.  This month dragged at times, but also flew by.

I find the end of months, and therefore the beginning of new months to be a time to recollect and start fresh.  Re-evaluate if you will.  Here goes…

Good news…I have kept my dresser FREE OF CLUTTER for the entire month of February!! Yay for me!  I know this may seem like a very small thing to many people, but I always have clutter on my dresser.  So this was a major thing for me.  And believe me–there were MANY times when I felt extremely lazy and just wanted to put clothes or “stuff” there but then I just bit the bullet and made myself keep it clean.  And it’s a good feeling.

So for the month of March it will be my goal to keep the area on top of my file cabinet and beside my chair in the office clear of clutter.  This will be another big one for me.  There is always piles of stuff there!  Wish me luck.

Next…I need to seriously get back on the eating healthy track.  Christmas and the birthdays are way past, so no more excuses.  Summer is on its way so I need to get going.  Going grocery shopping tomorrow so good food will go in the cart.  My goal is to lose 8 pounds in March.

My first day of IMC will be tomorrow.  I’m excited but also nervous.  I’m going to try to really learn the cardiac meds and the EKG rhythms even before I have my class.  So that means bringing my old nursing books to work to look at during down times.  Go me.

Man, these four days went by fast.  And I was tired for most of them.  I really have to make it a priority to get the proper amount of sleep for this next month.  That would be a good goal.

Sad news…a co-workers son who was extremely sick just passed away.  Just makes you realize how short life can be.

Let’s all get out there and make this new month whatever we want it to be!

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