Back at home base…

Sunday, February 21, 2010

Last night I was actually working on a floor with some of my original friends from work!  It was NICE 🙂

Lately I’ve been floated so much that I don’t really have a “home.”  And then tonight when I was at work I decided to go check IMC for my schedule and I did not see my name there.  So I had to send out an email asking if I was going to be put on the schedule???  So hopefully I will hear back soon.  There’s only one more week of this current schedule and I don’t know anything beyond that at this point.  Not to mention requests for summer vacations are due by March 1st and if I don’t know my weekends or how my schedule normally goes, it will be difficult to put in for that!

But I did what I could so that’s all I can do.

Work was not bad.  I tried to have a positive attitude and things turned out okay.  I have to admit it was nice chatting with everyone…it DEFINITELY made the night pass more quickly.  I really hope that I will have some friends on IMC.  That’s the one thing I hate about changing floors…you have that initial period of not really knowing people and that can be tough.

One more night on and then one off!

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