**postdated for Thursday, February 18, 2010

Somehow, I’m feeling like quite the old lady.

ImaginIFF…you tried to drink like you were in college again?

You could and would, but then you also would not be able to sleep well…you would toss and turn and then snuggle up in sweats and read on the couch for a few hours and then climb back into bed for about a total of three hours sleep.

ImaginIFFF…you tried to learn how to play a new card game after having said drinks?

You would try your hardest to remember the rules but still have a tough time and totally disappoint your partner who is a very competitive player but then you would just go back to playing another, easier game.

ImaginIFF…you loved animals and having a good time?

You could combine both loves by getting together with friends who have a PLETHERA of furry friends (try two dogs, three cats, AND a hamster!…who are all VERY friendly)…you will have silly smiles plastered to your face all night as you “ohh, and ahh” over them like they were kids 🙂

ImaginIFF…you were a color…what color would you be?  ImaginIFF…you were a flower…what flower would you be?  ImaginIFF…you were a food…what food would you be?  Never thought you’d imagine those questions/answers, huh?  Well, if you are playing the game ImaginIFF then you will learn a bunch about the people you are hanging with.  Quite fun I have to say.

Darn, I feel old.  I’m thinking that I may have to take QUITE a long nap tomorrow before work since we are getting together with friends again tonight.

ImaginIFF…you were us.  Would you be just as tired?

Hopefully not.

Even though we’re tired, we’re loving getting together with people and having a good time.  Yay, us!!

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