Friday, February 12, 2010

I had so much planned for this three day weekend…mostly just organizing.  But I had a difficult time sleeping during the day today.

I started reading for a bit and then I felt it…

that dreaded, familiar tingling…

I have a cold sore.

I’m so pissed.  I haven’t had one in YEARS.  Ever since I started taking Lysine daily.

But I guess I had a lot of the factors that can cause a flare up–stress (from work, duh), hormone changes (my period is due soon), and a regular old cold.

I took some extra Lysine and started using the Abreva immediately.

They are not too obvious, but I feel like they are.

Have I mentioned that I HATE cold sores!

And I have a cold too.  That just doesn’t seem fair 😦

I’ve already taken a nap since I got up!

I’m just going to take it easy this weekend and try to get my body rested up.  That is my only goal.

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