Financial Meetings…

Wednesday, February 3, 2010

Kimm and I have decided to have financial meetings weekly in order to organize our terribly unorganized finances!

I’m super excited about this because we want this to be the year that we are able to: 1) continue to pay off our credit card/school loan (that would be me!) debt, 2) go on a vacation (even if it is a small one), 3) renovate the house in some way (ideas include a new driveway, new windows for the second floor, painting a few more rooms, new toilet for downstairs bathroom, and more I’m sure), 4) file all of our financial stuff in a NEAT way, and 5) have some fun (we RARELY spend money on ourselves and this year shall be different).

So that’s the scoop.  We decided to meet weekly at least at first because this is something we’ve never done before and also because we have a lot of back stuff to catch up on (we want to be organized since we moved into the house).  So that means going back a whole year, while also staying on top of what’s going on now.  Yikes.

Wish us luck!

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