Family Birthday Dinner

Saturday, January 30, 2010

Kimm and her dad have the same birthday (February 1) and since my birthday is very close (January 14), her mom likes to try to get all of us together for a birthday dinner.   Tonight was the night!

We headed over at about 6 pm.  Had a WONDERFUL meal–broccoli casserole, corn, stuffing, roasted potatoes, pearl onions, bread, wine.  It was yummy.

And then there was cake for dessert–white with yellow frosting.  Mmmmm.   With mint chocolate chip ice cream.

We opened presents and watched a movie–Music and Lyrics (LOVE that movie…you really laugh out loud so many times!).

It was a nice relaxing night.  What was NOT nice was the fact that it was about ZERO degrees out with the wind chill.

On another note, I felt very accomplished today since I did some organizing.  I went through all of my clothes (in my dresser and closet) and got rid of things I haven’t been wearing and just put things in different (hopefully more user-friendly) areas.  My ONE GOAL for the next month is to keep the top of my dresser clean!  Somehow, I always clean off the top of my dresser and then it too soon becomes a dropping ground for items–clothes that I’ve worn just once and can wear again, papers that were in my pockets, loose change, and other strange, miscellaneous things.  I just want to have an uncluttered top of my dresser.  So if I can keep it that way for one month that should instill that habit, no?  I’m hoping so.  Wish me luck.

Tomorrow I’m baking a cake so that should be fun.  So off to bed I go so that I am rested enough to do it 🙂

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