12 Hours in the ER

Saturday, January 23, 2010

Yup, last night I spent my entire shift in the ER.  Believe me, I wasn’t too happy when I walked in and was told that news.  I don’t think anyone wants to spend time on a unit that is not their own–without their own co-workers and not knowing where ANYTHING is!

But I made it through.  In fact it wasn’t as bad as last time.  I pretty much had my own assignment which made it a lot better.  But the thing that drives me crazy (and the reason I believe why I could never work in the ER permanently) is the misuse of hospital funds.  If you have a headache, come to the ER.  If you’re drunk, come to the ER.  If you want to kill yourself, come to the ER.  See how frustrating!

But the one good thing is that I got out ON TIME 🙂  Which was good because I needed to get home to get some gas in the car.  I was running on fumes probably 🙂

I think I just fell sleep for about 5 minutes while writing this.  The exact sign I needed to stop writing and head to bed.

I am going to put forth a tiny wish.  THAT I DON’T GET SENT TO THE ER TONIGHT!!!

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