Friday, January 22, 2010

If you can go through life without using credit cards I HIGHLY suggest that you do so.

I have had such a mess using credit cards lately.  Remember the treadmill that Kimm and I were going to get?  That wouldn’t fit in the house so we returned it?  That I called the store that very day and they assured me that the charges were reversed?  Well they weren’t.  And I never got the original bill from the credit card company.  No I happen to get the bill the next month…when they say now I am late in paying so now I have a late fee and the treadmill is still on the bill.  So I call the credit card company and talk to someone and they say, oh you have to pay the amount due and set up a dispute with the billing department and then call back next month so you can get the late fee dismissed.  Ughhhh!!!

And then I went to WI and kind of forgot about all of this.  Until today when I remembered and said SHIT…I need to pay that credit card.  So I try to pay the bill online but they will only accept the minimum due because they have to VERIFY my bank account information.  And of course I’m pissed off because if I can only pay the minimum then I will be charged additional finance charges for the next month.  So I call and get a nice representative (thankfully…highly unlikely let me tell you!) and he says I can pay over the phone because he will waive the phone fee.  So I do.  It’s done.  And it’s only after I get off the phone and am looking at the amount due and doing some math and can’t figure out HOW they came up with the amount I owe (of course I figure I should owe LESS!)

Long story long…I will have to call back on Monday or Tuesday when I have off again.  To get this truly straightened out.

And I can’t wait until Kimm and I have ALL of our credit cards paid off.  If I could do it today, I would in a heartbeat.  But unfortunately that can’t happen.  But when I do, there will be a major CELEBRATION.

In good news, I paid off the last payment for UMASS for the nurse practitioner classes that I dropped out of.  Thank goodness.  That’s an extra $250/month that will definitely come in handy.

Can’t wait for February 1st to come so we can start all over with bills.

Oh yeah and I got another unexpected bill today.  My vehicle registration is due.  Another $50.  Seems like it will never end.

I really need to reverse my negative mood or else I have a feeling my night at work tonight will NOT be good.

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