WI: Day Four

Monday, January 18, 2010

It’s hard to believe I’ve been out here for four days already (well, in all actuality, three and a half).  The time is just flying by. 

Today I was able to sleep in (thanks Mom!).  I had told her to get me up at 8:30 am, and I remember vaguely looking at my cell phone at one point and it saying 8:10 am and me thinking, “oh good, I have 20 more minutes to sleep.”  The next thing I know I wake up and it’s almost 10 am!  I guess my body was really tired.

Just lazed around the house watching soaps with my mom and reading a book.  Then had some tomato soup for lunch–my fave! 

After lunch my mom and I went shopping.  First we hit up the two local thrift stores.  Of course I gravitated to the used books immediately.  I found a few interesting titles, but took pictures of most of them so that I can check them out from our library.  I’m trying SO hard not to spend money on unnecessary items and also not to collect more THINGS.  I did however get one book–a book put out by the Mayo Clinic on self-care for common ailments/illnesses.  I figured I could use it for basic teaching in the hospital.  My mom found a Christmas decorative plate that she’s going to use for candy next year (best part–only 49 cents!).

Then we went shopping for ingredients needed for meals for the next two days.  I made my Alfredo Vegetable Lasagna tonight.   As usual it was yummy.  

Then we watched a movie…The Notebook.  I had read the book many years ago but had kind of forgotten the plot line.  This movie was VERY good.  I think it will go on my Christmas list for next year. 

Talked to Kimm briefly tonight and she had some crazy news.  Turns out that while she was out with Izzy, our elderly neighbor wanted to give her something and in the process his little dog escaped the house and started trying to provoke Izzy into a fight.  The neighbor tried to get his dog, and in doing so, fell off his steps and hit his head–turns out there was a VERY nasty gash above his eye that was bleeding pretty profusely.  He eventually had to go the ER room and had to get stitches.  Yikes.  Of all the things to happen when I was out of town.  Kimm said his eye is pretty much swollen shut at this point.  Hopefully he’ll be better by the time I get back.

Tomorrow I have plans to meet up with my best friend from high school.   This is GOOD news and makes me VERY happy.  The BAD news is that she has to work pretty much all day so I’ll only see her for about an hour and a half 😦  But  that is better than nothing so I am grateful.

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