Thursday, January 14, 2010

I really can’t believe how old I am getting.  I find it next to impossible to believe that in three years I will be 40.  It kind of freaks me out.

I don’t know about you, but I always find myself to be a bit reflective on my birthday…what did I do during the past year, what goals did I meet, or fail to meet, and where do I want to go this next year.  It’s almost like doing New Year’s Resolutions twice since my birthday is so close to the new year.  This year I feel pretty good…especially knowing that we’ve been in the house for one year, I’ve been a nurse for 2 and 1/2 years, and I have a bunch of goals for this year that are just bursting to be accomplished!

But for the day itself…it was quite, how should we say it…memorable…but probably not so much in a good way 🙂

Even though I put myself in for first cancel last night, it never happened–of course!  But I did get to go home at 3 am.  Good, I thought.  But I guess my body just didn’t want to go to sleep at that time.  And when I got home I had to wake up Kimm so she wouldn’t freak out when I climbed into bed…so I pretty much talked her ear off for a while!

We had to get up early for Izzy’s class.  Which was HORRIBLE.  Long story short–the class started 20 minutes late, there was a woman and her dog there who had never taken her beginner class before so they really didn’t know what was going on and the instructor was basically giving her a one-on-one lesson which left the rest of us standing around doing nothing, and then there were just too many dogs (maybe 10-12) which meant that there was not much room to do the commands.  All in all, it put us in a VERY foul mood first thing in the morning.  And we were already tired, if you remember!

We did get some Dunkin’ Donuts–Vanilla Chai and everything bagel for me, White Hot Chocolate and onion bagel for Kimm.  And we both got a glazed donut.  Yummy.

We took a much needed nap in the afternoon.

Then had to do some grocery shopping and pick up our meal.  We ordered out–cheese ravioli.

That’s when things started going crazy.  Kimm started having awful stomach pains and could hardly eat.    In between her trying to feel better I was able to talk to my brother, Frank, and my mom and respond to the MANY birthday wishes from friends on Facebook.

I got great gifts–an Ina cookbook (!), another book I wanted–Animal, Vegetable, Miracle, and the DVD Seven Pounds (loved it).

Now I still have to pack, take pictures of the house, sleep, and before I leave cut up a pineapple for Kimm while I’m gone (I don’t trust her with a knife!).

It will be interesting to see what this year brings.

Oh and I also ate WAY too much ice cream–Ben and Jerry’s Half Baked (chocolate and vanilla ice cream with brownies and chocolate chip cookie dough nuggats).

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