It’s that time of year again…

Monday, December 21, 2009

…for COLDS.

Kimm has been sick for about a week.  And now I feel like I am fighting something off too.  Yuck.

We picked up some cold medicine at the store today, and PLENTY of orange juice.

I have to work tonight…where I am going to drink LOTS of the OJ from their fridge and then for the next few days I will rest and take it easy.  I need to feel better for working the weekend after Christmas.

Today was busy as usual.  Seriously I don’t know how time goes so fast on my half day off.  I’m always rushing to get things done before I go to work.

Can’t wait for the next days off…because then it’s going to be CHRISTMAS!!!

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A Day of Doing Nothing

Sunday, December 20, 2009

Today was SUCH a nice day.  Mostly because I did just about nothing!  Meaning, there was no place to rush to go…not work, not an event…nothing.

The huge snowstorm that we were supposed to get bypassed us.  We woke up to about 2 inches of very light snow, instead of the up to 2 feet they were predicting.  Don’t you sometimes just love when the weatherman is wrong?

We did shovel which went pretty fast and then took Izzy on her walk.  All I have to say is that dog LOVES the snow.  She bounds and prances about and is just so darn cute.

When we got back we had our coffee…always good, but also a donut with it!

Spent time reading and watching The Santa Clause as well.   We were going to do Chinese but then just felt more like a meal from home.  So I made a simple noodle dish, some broccoli (so good), and some roasted potatoes.  I had one pie crust left from who knows when as well so I made a free formed cherry pie.

We also dug into some peppermint ice cream while we were watching the movie!

The day was perfect.

And now my eyes are burning and ready for bed.  I want to get another good night of sleep since I have to work tomorrow night.  Then three off before heading back on Christmas Day.

I have a slight suspicion I may be getting a cold so I’m trying hard to ward it off.

Here’s pictures to leave you drooling 🙂

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