Saturday, December 12, 2009

One calendar year ago we had our signing for our house!  (Last year on this Saturday of the month we were moving in!).

It’s crazy how fast a year can fly by 🙂

Unfortunately no celebrating today.  No time.

Instead the day was spent sleeping in (yeah!), and then spending time on the phone trying to get our increased phone/cable/internet bill back to a manageable amount.  I HATE talking to customer service reps.  I don’t know why it is that even though you are the one purchasing something from the company, you are the one who is made to feel stupid when they cannot explain anything properly!!  And why can they not send out an updated bill based on changes that were made that day???  What they don’t have any paper?  Seriously.  I KNOW my blood pressure went up after that phone call.  Thankfully we got a somewhat better deal than the increased cost, even though it’s still more than we were paying (of course).

Now it’s already time to get ready for work.  Where does the time go?

Two days on and then two off.  And we are celebrating our one year in the house on Tuesday night with a night out–dinner and a movie.  At least I have something to look forward to!

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LASIK observations…

Friday, December 11, 2009

Today I spent a good portion of my day (12 noon to 7 pm) helping my friends who were getting LASIK done.  Actually one was getting LASIK and one was getting PRK.  Both procedures to the eyes to help restore vision, but the PRK is specifically for those with astigmatism (from what I was told???).  Anyways, since they both decided to get the procedure done on the same day (and they are a married couple), they needed a designated driver–they asked, and I obliged.

It was really interesting to watch both procedures.  The LASIK creates a flap in the cornea and then the laser does the corrections.  With PRK, there is no flap created…instead, the top layer of epithelial cells on the cornea is scraped away and then the laser is used.  Supposedly the PRK is a bit more painful and takes longer to heal.

I’m glad I went to watch because this is something that I thought about doing a LONG time ago.  I’m really not sure if I’ll ever do it.  There are lots of positive testimonials, but then again, it’s not 100% guaranteed.  And once you reach age 40, which I am ALL too near, there is still the chance of having to wear glasses.  And since this EXPENSIVE procedure is not covered by insurance (starts at $3500), I definitely can’t afford it any time in the near future.

I was so glad to get home and just relax.  We watched another Christmas movie toight…Scrooged with Bill Murray.  It was good.  And we had pizza and fries.  Yummy!

It’s chilly out there…21 degrees and feels like 10!  Cozy inside.

Tomorrow it’s back to work, but for only two nights 🙂

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