Izzy’s First Christmas Present

Tuesday, December 8, 2009

Before I forget…I got cancelled last night!!  It was a wonderful treat.  An extra day off.  So now I just have to go in tonight and then have three days off again.  Sweet!

The other day, when we were walking, we ran into one of our neighbors (they just recently adopted a puppy).  I noticed that she was wearing a little jacket and I said, “Isn’t that cute!”  I mentioned how we want to get something for Izzy for walking in the cold too.  So we parted ways and then later on in the walk, we ran into the neighbor again…he was carrying the most darling little pink dog parka and he said it was for Izzy!  Turns out that his wife had bought it for their dog but it was too big.  But it was the perfect size for Izzy.  At first I wasn’t sure how I liked the pink, with her caramel colored coat, but now we both love it.  She’s gotten used to it too.  When we first put it on, she was like, “What is THIS?” and would only walk behind us…in fact we had to drag her!   But now she’s back to normal…even pulling as usual.  Darn!  But in all actuality, she’s gotten MUCH better at her walks and many times does not pull at all.

So here’s some pictures of her with her new coat…

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