First Halloween

Saturday, October 31, 2009


Unfortunately I won’t be able to celebrate Halloween in our new house 😦  This kind of bums me out because this is the first ever Halloween that we will have been able to have trick-or-treaters.  All the other years I’ve been in an apartment and especially for the last seven years, a locked building, with an apartment on the 4th floor!  So of course there ain’t nobody climbing all those stairs for candy!  Kimm will hold down the fort and hand out candy.  I’m kind of interested to see how many kids stop by.

Last night at work was not so bad.  It went by fairly fast because I was precepting again.  Which I REALLY enjoyed.  The preceptor who normally works with this nurse in training called out for the night, so they asked me!  I’m glad and hope that this means maybe they’ll consider me for a full-fledged preceptor position in the future.  The nurse I’m working with is now up to taking four patients at a time.  The difficult part is just double checking to make sure all the documentation is done.  I swear, most of the time, nursing is more about documentation, rather than patient care.

Okay, it’s drizzling out and I have to quickly take Izzy on her morning walk and then to bed.  Tonight is going to be a long night since it’s daylight savings time and I’ll actually have to work 13 hours instead of 12.  Yikes.  I’ll need all the sleep I can get!

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