Halloween Fun

Friday, October 30, 2009

Last night Kimm and I carved pumpkins and roasted pumpkin seeds.  It was so much fun 🙂  This was actually the first time we’ve ever done this together because we never had a place to put the pumpkins before.  But this year we’ll be able to put them outside the side door tomorrow night for when the trick-or-treaters come.  Plus this afternoon I decorated the side door with some spooky fake spiders!–only $1 at Target…how’s that for decorating on a budget!   I just wish I could be here tomorrow night instead of working.  Not to mention I’ll also have to work an extra hour because of daylight savings time.  Why do I always get stuck working those weekends??

But soon it’s off for the afternoon walk and getting ready for tonight.  At least we’re doing something fun at work tonight–a Halloween potluck.  I’m making some vegetarian chili–basically beans and noodles, no fake meat!  Can’t wait.


My design (we found both of ours online…we are NOT great free-hand artists!)


Kimm’s design–her’s is scarier!


Slimy pumpkin guts…


All lit up!


Not too bad for our first attempt!


Seeds prior to toasting…I realize now I don’t have any pictures of them post-roast.  And seeing that I am lazy, there will not be any pictures.  But they look like any other roasted pumpkin seeds.  Although we did do half regular (with just salt) and then half with a seasoned mix (some melted butter, garlic salt, Worcestershire sauce and salt).  They were both VERY tasty.  We got about 1-1/2 cups seeds from two pretty tiny pumpkins which I thought was a lot.


Hard to see spiders due to my reflection in the glass…


Up close…




I love how they dangle!

I hope everyone has an awesome Halloween!  Is anyone dressing up?  If so, what are you going as???

It’s kind of ironic that this year I was invited to FOUR Halloween parties tonight and of course I have to work!

By the end of this weekend it will be November already.  WHERE DOES THE TIME GO????

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