Doggy Training Class

Thursday, October 29, 2009

Today was Izzy’s first class!

I think she did pretty good.

Today’s lessons included: SIT and HEEL.

Rewarded with many treats.  Which we had brought some, but not enough.  So then we had to use some of the treats that they provided.  Imagine my surprise (and utter disgust) when she hands me a handful of cut up hot dogs and tells me to put them in my pocket (NO WAY!!).  I don’t think she thought of any vegetarians that would be in the class.  Not that we make Izzy eat vegetarian, but we certainly don’t feed her raw hot dogs!  Thankfully I had a plastic baggie I could put the “treats”  in.  But from now on, we will be bringing some of Izzy’s regular food for treats (it’s small and I won’t feel so bad rewarding her so much and having her gorge on treats). But wouldn’t you know it, Izzy just gobbled those hot dogs down!

We practiced the sit and heel on our afternoon walk and it seemed to go pretty well.  But she needs much more training 🙂  We are supposed to work with her 20-30 minutes twice a day.

Off to watch a movie and have some poppycorn!  Last day off…sad face 😦

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