Wednesday, October 14, 2009

Today when I left work I used my car window scraper for the first time all season.  Every single window was covered with frost.  I HATE having to scrape my windows.  It takes a while and when I’m getting out of work, it’s the LAST thing I ever want to do.

Other news…

I had a GREAT night at work yesterday.  I actually was asked to train a new employee for one night because the regular preceptor was off.  It was A LOT of fun.  I forgot how much I like to train people.  It actually made my night a lot more fun, even though it was stressful in the beginning (it took more time assessing patients because the new nurse was not quite as fast).  I talked with her a lot about time management–how when I first started as a nurse I was ALWAYS behind and how I have certain goals for myself now–what time I like to be done assessing patients by, what time I like to have all my computer work done, what time I like to start and end meds, what time I like to have my charting done by.  I told her that it’s always better to be done early and have extra time to do nothing, than to be scrambling at the last minute because you were slow at the beginning.  Our hospital RARELY pays for OT unless you can really show that you didn’t have time to get everything done (usually if something goes bad with a patient).   These were the kind of things I think more new nurses should be told.

Kimm is still sick.  I wish I could make her feel better.  She can’t breath through her nose and she’s been reluctant to use the nasal decongestant spray since she got addicted to it last spring!  And she’s still having abdominal cramps and I can’t think of what is going on.  She’s been eating really bland food so I don’t think it is her diet.  VERY FRUSTRATING.

Izzy is going crazy outside.  The minute she leaves the door her ears are at attention and she COMPLETELY ignores you.  She is in smell mode and pulls her leash so hard you are pulled with her.  But tonight she is passed out on the couch.

Not sure what the plan is for tomorrow.  Maybe shopping for a new scarf, hat, and mittens 🙂

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