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Monday, October 12, 2009

So today I decided to abandon the full walks that we do with Izzy to instead try some training sessions.

The problem:  Izzy is a complete leash puller!  She RARELY walks on a loose leash.

This is just no good on walks that should be enjoyable, when your dog is way ahead of you, pulling so hard you can hardly keep your balance!

So I’ve been doing quite a bit of reading on the subject and from everything I’ve read (multiple sources), it is only reinforcing Izzy’s thought that if she wants to go ahead, she must pull to get there.

I have tried multiple things in the past…stopping and standing still to have her come back to me.  Doesn’t work.  This dog will stand for over FIVE minutes before even releasing tension on the leash!  Also tried different types of collars that are supposed to reduced pulling (the Easy Walk Harness and Gentle Leader).  Each of these worked for the first day and then Izzy went back to her old way of pulling.

So today I spent the walk time in the yard, training her to come by me.  I would give her little treats of her regular food when she came and sat.   This seemed to work pretty well.  Of course then I tried to take her on a mini-walk because she hadn’t done her morning business and that went “okay.”  She still wanted to pull, but I just changed directions frequently and rewarded her with treats.  It took us a LOT LONGER to go a shorter distance, but she wasn’t pulling.

I have a feeling this will take quite a while to break this habit.  One resource said that a dog has a pretty long memory as far as remembering that pulling will get her where she wants.  But I will do my best to be persistent and patient!

I took myself on a walk after training Izzy both in the morning and afternoon.  I love this fall weather and it was so nice walking in the dry leaves.  Love that sound!

Unfortunately Kimm is still not feeling well 😦

We pretty much rested all day long.  That’s okay with me.  Sometimes you just need a day of doing nothing.

Tomorrow I have to work and then two more days off.  Then comes the killer weekend.  I’m going to keep a positive attitude!

BTW: I had a TOTAL craving tonight for a soda.  So I had one!  I think it’s been at least a few months since I’ve had artificial sugar in the form of Diet Pepsi.  It tasted pretty good–probably because I’m not feeling 100% either.  It won’t become a daily habit.  I’m glad that I made the switch to water–definitely more healthy.

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