Fussy, Old Car

Saturday, October 10, 2009

Just got inside from jump-starting Kimm’s car (Ford Taurus she had been gifted from her parents).  I’m not sure of the year, but it’s seen plenty of seasons, if you know what I mean.  She’d love to get something new, but it’s not in the budget right now.  Instead, it just likes to act old and fussy.

For example…since Kimm is out of work right now, she’s not driving that much.  So she gets out and starts the car and runs it weekly.  However, this week it was dead.  So today we went out to try to jump-start it and first of all, she couldn’t even open the hood!  Even though she was pulling on the hood release, nothing was happening.  Finally after about the 50th attempt, it did pop open.  See what I mean about fussy.

Then we attempted to jump-start the car.  Oh yeah, it wasn’t doing that either.  It would make this feeble noise like it wanted to start, but then would not start!  Finally after about 10 attempts, it roared to life.  See what I mean about old.

Anyways, so Kimm went out with Izzy for a car ride and I’m going to attempt to take a short nap.  I’m not sure what will happen since it will only be about an hour long if it happens.  The darn cats woke us up early today and I don’t feel fully rested.  So I’m hoping once I climb under the blankets and turn the fan on, dreamland will welcome me.

Then walk with Izzy, shower, eat dinner and work.  Tomorrow is another day off to enjoy this exquisite fall weather 🙂

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