Lots O’ Rain

Friday, October 9, 2009

Today was a gray, cold, rainy day.  Doesn’t help much when you are trying to feel better from a cold!

But we still took Izzy on her walks (it was pretty much drizzling).  The nice thing was that the walk was so peaceful–not many people out and about when it is rainy.

Unfortunately I didn’t get much done off of my “to do” list for today.  In fact all I really did was go grocery shopping and update the money we spent this month.  Other than that it’s been mostly relaxing and hoping to feel better.

BTW,  Kimm and I absolutely LOVE spending time up in the office now.  It’s very relaxing with just the lamp light on and a candle burning.

Good news:  I lost 5% of my weight!  I have been trying extremely hard to eat much healthier lately–not really restricting at all, but working more on portion control and eating foods with more bulk (i.e., protein and complex carbs)–add in all those daily walks…and there is a plan for success.  It’s been less than a month since I’ve been doing this.  So I am extremely pleased 🙂  Now I am aiming for another 5%.  It’s a nice goal to work for.

Guess what is on the agenda for tonight?

All right, you know me too well by now…popcorn and Gossip Girl.  Probably a Cortland apple too.  Turns out I really LOVE them–much better than MacIntosh.  Crisp, sweet, not too sour.  Perfect.

Tomorrow I’m back to work…but just for one night 🙂

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