Sick Again…

Thursday, October 8, 2009

Well, it’s my first night off and I’m fighting off the sniffles.  I don’t feel that hot.  BUT…I still can’t complain too much because I’m off of work!

Seems like quite a few people have been sick lately, especially some of my co-workers.  It’s kind of crazy that we as nurses, are encouraged to NOT call out when we are sick, even though we work with sick, immunocompromised patients.  I think I used so much hand sanitizer last night my hands were smarting!  But the little cold germs still manage to find their way to me.  Probably because I’m run down and tired.

I got to spend some time in the office tonight 🙂  Loved it.  Kimm’s parents stopped over for a quick visit and they loved the room too.  Pictures soon, I promise.  Tomorrow we are going to put up the red clock and some pictures on the wall and then I’ll snap away.

Tonight on the agenda is popcorn and Gossip Girl.  Watch out couch here I come!

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