ACK! I Should Be Eating…

Tuesday, October 6, 2009

…but I’m rushing to get everything done that I need to get done before work!

I KNEW I needed another day off before going back 🙂

So the room is done.  No pictures today.  Probably not for a few days until after my two day stretch on.   But TRUST ME….it looks so good!

The room is thankfully rearranged.  EVEN after one of our five shelf bookcases FELL APART as we were moving it.  I was like, “SHIT…why is NOTHING ever easy.”  But then I took a quick break, and looked at it, and saw that we could nail it together in a different spot.  Which we did.  Kimm was very handy!  I knew that all those nails she keeps on hand would come in handy some day!

I just wish I had more than a few minutes to sit in the office today 😦   I would love to sit in here tomorrow morning and have my coffee and relax!

But all in good time.  Friday will come early enough.

Sorry to rush, but my frozen pizza is calling my name.  Adios!

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