Friday, October 2, 2009

Well, I made it through my rough patch of days on.

But, unfortunately, today I have felt miserable. Runny nose, sneezing, watery eyes.   I would say this is allergies, but I’m just not sure.  It’s lasted so much longer than allergies.  I did take some allergy medicine with little effect.  I’m also simply exhausted.  I’ve taken TWO naps today.  One this afternoon for about two hours and I just woke up from my second one that was one hour long.  Even with all that rest the head cold/allergy symptoms are still there.  I’m hoping after a good nights sleep I will feel much better.

I did not get much sleep last night because we went to bed about 1:30 and then had to get up by 9 am.  Izzy had a follow up vet visit and also got her distemper booster shot.  She did not lose any weight in the two weeks since she was there last.  In fact she GAINED 1/2 a pound.  So much for all those walks!  Seriously though, she does look thinner–perhaps her weight is redistributing.

After that it was go, go, go.  We stopped at two different pet supply stores to get her stocked up on food and other supplies (poop bags, cream for her paws–they are getting wicked rough from walking!, a brush, treats).  We also had to stop at the store to get a few items to stretch until next grocery trip (milk, cream…but of course that turned into a bit more once there!).

Two satisfying meals today–lunch was an herb/butter rice dish with a slice of buttered oatmeal toast, with a Cortland apple for dessert (these apples ROCK–so much better than the MacIntosh); dinner was veggie burger, fries, and somehow three mini Snickers bars (the bite sized ones) snuck into my mouth for dessert (I TELL you I am seriously craving chocolate today).  I tried to wake myself up with a cup of coffee after dinner but it didn’t do a darn thing!

The temperature is pretty chilly–it was 45 degrees when we woke up this morning and the house was 62 degrees!  So far we have not turned on the heat.  This will be a true challenge to see if we can go without turning the heat on until November 1st.  Every time I get cold, I think, our friend Melinda does it, and then I bundle up with another layer and cover with another blanket 🙂

We have started the second season of Gossip Girl and both Kimm and I agree, it is not as good (thus far!) as first season.  But I shall give it a proper chance.

This month I have to work on my Christmas list.  Hard to believe that in a little over two months, it will be Christmas.  We’ve been in our “new” house for a little less than 10 months!

Here’s hoping that I feel better tomorrow.  I have so much I want to accomplish in the next few days–grocery shopping, cleaning, organizing, reading.  I hate feeling sick!

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Food Flops at the Big E

Thursday, October 1, 2009

We spent the evening of the first day of October at the Big E with our friends Melinda and Big Tony.  It was like a double date 🙂

We had high hopes for some good fair food again because when we left we were STARVING!  However, we were disappointed with a few of our purchases…which made me mad because it is so expensive to buy food there.   So I felt like I had basically wasted money.  So what were the flops?  First, we each bought a slice of cheese pizza (for $4–yikes!) that was blah–the crust was bland and the pizza sauce was pretty nasty.  So then we tried to make up for that with a baked potato.  We each got a broccoli and cheese.  But it was horrible.  The broccoli was mostly stem pieces that weren’t cooked all the way and it was covered with that orange goo–I had thought it was going to be real cheese because a different type of potato came with the grated cheese.  The potato itself was not so bad, but it would have been a lot better probably with just butter and sour cream–lesson learned.  And the last not-so-good thing we bought was “fresh squeezed” lemonade–fresh squeezed my ass–this stuff tasted like sugar water.  Really not good at all.

But we did have a few wonderful items as well.  We HAD to get the Elephant Ear again–1/2 powdered sugar and 1/2 butter and cinnamon sugar.  SERIOUSLY the best thing at the Big E.  Kimm and I agreed!  Also got some cheese curds–yummy!  And another lemonade that actually WAS fresh squeezed.  MUCH better.

Right now I have Big E feet.  My feet are so sore.  I would gladly pay someone a bunch of money for a good hour long foot massage!

Tomorrow is Izzy’s vet visit.  She’ll get her distemper and hop on the scale to see how much she weighs.  Wonder if she’s lost any weight in two weeks with all the walks she gets?

Kimm and I are snuggled under fuzzy blankets in the computer room.  We made some coffee to warm us up when we got home.  It was COLD tonight.  So far we have held out and not turned on the heat.  We’re going to see if we can hold out until November 1st.  Wish us luck!

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