In the dark…

Thursday, August 27, 2009

Summer is on its way out.  The shortening of days is upon us.

Tonight dusk hit at about 7 pm.  By 8 pm it was pitch dark.

As much as I dislike the hot, humid summers in New England, I really hate to see the days disappear so soon.  There is just something about having it be light out until 9:30 at night that is so nice.

This just makes me think about winter, when the dark will settle as early as 4 pm 😦

Even so, I do love living in an environment where there are seasons.  And my favorite season is coming up…FALL.  Thinking of it evokes memories of breezy days, the turning of the leaves, apple cider, pumpkin bread, and chilly evenings where a sweatshirt is needed.

Bring it on 🙂

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