New Shoes!

Wednesday, August 19, 2009

It was INCREDIBLY hot again today.  To the point that I felt lethargic.  Like I could hardly move.  I was crabby.  I was tired.  It was AWFUL.

Kimm and I escaped the hot house and headed up to the mall.  I have been meaning to get a couple of new pair of sneakers for work.  I have bought new ones approximately every year.  I could really tell that my feet were needing new shoes.  They start to ache a lot!  It’s amazing how much support new shoes give you.  Since my feet support my entire body weight about 13 hours at a time, three days a week, I don’t mind spending the money.  Even though I hate to see it go so fast!

Amazingly, I was able to find two pairs that I liked AND that fit right (usually I have problems with the heel being too loose) within the first few pairs of sneakers I tried on.  And strangely enough this is yet another different brand of shoe.  I just go with what I like and with what feels comfortable.

It will be fun to wear them to work.  Not that I am looking forward to going to work!

Both sneakers are New Balance.







You like?

Kimm was pretty lucky at the mall as well.  She found two t-shirts, a pair of jeans, and a pair of brown cargo pants that she absolutely loved.  They look great on her.  She did a little fashion show for me when we got home.  We are funny like that 🙂

It was so hot today, that Madeline resorted to her old trick of hanging out in the bathroom sink…I now present the FIRST sink shot from the new house 🙂


What a CUTIE!

We had a wonderful, no-fuss meal when we got home from shopping.  Garden fresh tomato slices with salt and pepper, lettuce, American Cheese (and mayo for me) on fresh Italian bread we picked up at the store.  I was LOVING it.

We may have picked up some ice cream to have tonight!

I’ve heard a rumor that the temp may go down into the 80s tomorrow.  BIG SMILE.  Even 10 degrees cooler would make a huge difference.

Can’t wait for coffee and banana bread in the morning.  Night all.

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