My Most UN-favorite household cleaning job…

Sunday, August 16, 2009

Well, the month is half over.  Pretty soon I’ll be complaining that summer is over.  But right now I’m complaining that it’s so darn hot!  Yep, it’s another hot and humid one.

So what do we do?

That’s right–we decide to clean the upstairs bathroom.  It was a big project today because we let it go for too long.  That’s because I really hate to do it! It is the one room that we use so much and is always so damp and with all the hairspray I use 🙂  it can get pretty nasty.  I really love how it looks when it’s spic and span!  It’s the getting there part that sucks.  I think I have to try to keep it up day by day.  In fact I will make it my goal for the rest of the month.

We wanted to get it done because we have a friend coming to visit tomorrow who hasn’t yet seen the house and this was the only BIG job to do.  Everything else is just picking up.

Do you ever leave certain cleaning to do until someone comes to visit?

I’m notorious for this!  I don’t know why I don’t like to keep everything so nice and clean for me too.  Laziness I guess.

But today we got a workout with the cleaning–it was so hot we were both had sweat DRIPPING down our faces, arms, legs, everywhere when we were done!  Crazy.  And then we took about 1/2 hour to put together a shower stand–to hold our shampoo and stuff.  This one will allow the water to drip down so that the bottles aren’t sitting in wet water which provides the perfect environment for MILDEW! (just as an fyi–simple white vinegar will get that mildew right off)

That’s the other thing we want to get for the bathroom–a small dehumidifier.  That room really gets NO ventilation, even though there is a window in there.  So annoying.  The towels stay damp and start to smell.  Really!  The problem is that there is such limited space in there.  The one downside of that bathroom.  But we knew that when we bought the place.  We just need to find a solution.  I’m sure we’ll get there eventually.

Okay, enough of my ranting about the bathroom 🙂  Now I’m actually off to go take a shower before work.

Yummy leftover take-out pizza for dinner.  Simple and easy.

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