Skinny Minny!

Thursday, August 13, 2009

Today the cats had their yearly vet appointment.

Madeline lost a LOT of weight since her last visit.  She weighed 15.7 pounds her last visit.  This visit she weighed 11.2 pounds.  That is a loss of 4.5 pounds!  The vet remarked that he could feel her shoulder bones which is kind of unusual in a cat.  I don’t want to leave Charlie out–he also lost weight (about a pound) and weighs 12.2 pounds.

The vet was a new one (since we moved) and we were quite happy with him.  He was a very calm person and took the time to explain different things to us.  For example, he noticed that Charlie’s teeth had a lot of decay and erosion and pointed out to us that the gum tissue was extending up over his teeth in an attempt to cover the rotting portions.  Then when he looked at Madeline’s teeth he said there was not so much erosion as inflammation.  He thought that she might have a high bacteria level in her mouth from her teeth.  He was also concerned about the loss of weight and vomiting that we described to him.  He was thinking maybe hyperthyroidism.  When I looked up the symptoms online, they sounded like they could match.  They drew some blood and are going to call us back with the results.  He also started her on an antibiotic to help with the bacteria in her mouth.  We will probably have to do something with the teeth but nothing at this point.

The cats behaved VERY WELL at the vet.  Usually they are all over the place and act scared.  Although Madeline did hide under a chair in the room a couple of times, while she was up on the table she sat completely still.  Did not even move.  I couldn’t believe it!  She never did that before!   Charlie had a grand ol’ time.  He was purring and lying on his back.

The whole visit cost about $315.  Mostly the extra for the blood work for Madeline.  Can you believe it costs almost $100 for a blood profile?  Yikes.  That’s about as expensive as for a human!  We were able to get Charlie some new cat food as well for the urinary issues.  A larger bag for a cheaper price (although still expensive–10 pounds for about $33).

Pets can be expensive.  But they are so worth it.  They provide a lot of joy in our lives 🙂

Now we are just anxiously awaiting the blood results.

I’m about to eat dinner (frozen pizza–one of my faves) and then off to work.  Thankfully I’m almost done with this on/off schedule that is driving me crazy.  I keep going back and forth with my sleep pattern.  Last night I fell asleep on the chair for over an hour!

Can’t wait to have off tomorrow.

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