I’m NOT a hot weather person!

Tuesday, August 11, 2009

That is a true statement.  Or maybe more accurately, I’m not a humid weather person.

The air is so thick and hot and still it’s driving me crazy.  We have all the ceiling fans going, but there is little relief.

On days like this it is best to do as little as possible to conserve energy.

I have been spending time organizing my photos on my computer.  It is a LARGE task that will take more than one day!  Plus I’ve been playing Yoville, reading my blogs, and checking Facebook more times than I should 🙂

I’ve also gotten a load of towels done.  And I’m going to clean the upstairs bathroom before I take a shower!  Then I’m off to work.  That’s enough for today.

I want to check the garden as well before dinner because I see through the window that some of the larger tomatoes look like they’ve turned red!  And those plants will need a drink of water.

I’m so excited because I found out that Food, Inc. is playing in Northampton this week.  So Kimm and I have plans to go see it tomorrow evening.  It’s only playing at 5 pm.  So we’ll go and then grab a slice of pizza and some ice cream after.  It’ll be a nice night for a drive out there.

Okay, back to organizing pictures.  I can only do a little at a time, otherwise it drives me crazy 🙂

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