Cleaning Day…Party Night

Saturday, August 1, 2009

Kimm and I spent a portion of the day today cleaning the downstairs of our house for a get-together with one of our friends.  Why only the downstairs you ask?  Well, because our friend has already seen the upstairs of our new house and we doubt that she will want another look there since we’ve done nothing new up there.  And since it’s so hot and muggy, we felt like cleaning only the area of the house that she would see 🙂

We got a lot done…cleaned the entire bathroom, dusted in all rooms, swept all rooms, did some new accessorizing in the living room (go us!), and did the dishes (TWICE!–I don’t know how two people create so many dishes).

I also made a cake from scratch today for our friend since it is her birthday tomorrow.  A chocolate cake with cream cheese frosting.  I haven’t tasted it yet all together (just the cake crumbs from the pans…which were so moist and chocolately, and the frosting from the beaters which was mmmm good).  I’m hoping the combination is extra tasty.  If it is, I’ll post the recipe–got both from  AND I hope our friend likes our choices in flavors…I honestly don’t know what is her favorite cake!

Can’t wait to relax and have some good food, good drinks, and good conversation.  At my age, that’s what I consider a party 🙂

And I know you were waiting for me to say it, so here goes….


One thing that I am extremely excited about is that if I continue paying extra money to my last credit card with a balance as I have been, then I’ll be credit card debt free by the end of November.  That’s only four months away!!  I don’t think I’ve EVER not had credit card debt so this will be a big one.

Of course then I’ll have to focus on paying off my school loan.  But, one thing at a time…

Have a wonderful evening…

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