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Friday, July 31, 2009

Kind of a long title, huh?  But totally appropriate, since I spent about $400 JUST TODAY.  Details to follow…

Ahh…my first day off.   Just so you know, I have a big smile on my face 🙂

But when I first woke up, about 3 pm, I was Ms. Cranky Pants.  I don’t know why.  I just started feeling overwhelmed with everything.  Kimm had been researching dehumidifiers while I slept and determined that we really should purchase one due to the EXCESSIVE moisture and dampness in our basement.  Now, we had been talking about this, but then to think about having to fork over so much money (those things are not cheap!) is a whole different story.  Plus I was hungry.  And it takes me a while to wake up.  And I was still thinking about what a horrible night I had at work.  Combine all those factors, and maybe you can understand why I was CRA.A.A.N.KY.

Since I was so hungry, we had a quick meal…burritos.  We had them last night for dinner as well.  They are so good and I fully plan on posting the incredibly simple recipe coming up.

Then we were off!  We had to drop some books at the library and pick up some new ones.  I love free books!

Then we stopped at Rocky’s to pick up the aforementioned dehumidifier.  We had called to see if they carried any because even with all the research Kimm did online, there were very few that she saw that would be available in the stores she was looking at.  So once we walked in and I saw the dehumidifier that they carried, I said, “Let’s get it.”  It was a hefty $205.  Yikes!

Then off to Target.  That’s where we ran into trouble 🙂  Meaning, we spent more than we had planned on.  In addition to the mundane cleaning supplies and personal hygiene items, we found these cute storage ottomans.  They work perfectly (in OUR opinion) in the living room, picking up the teal of the curtains and the cream of the rug.  They are great for additional seating since right now we only have seating for about four people, maybe six if they are skinny 🙂  The cats loved them immediately.


The Queen… (look at those freaky eyes!)


Mr. Man…

And my favorite item of the trip…Kimm bought a cool hat. She said she’ll use it when she mows the lawn and weeds.  I LOVE it!


Here’s her tough look…


I coaxed a smile…


She STILL hasn’t taken it off…hard at work on her blog…read her latest RANT here

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