Seven Year Anniversary!

Monday, July 27, 2009

That’s right, Kimm and I have been together for SEVEN years.  Wow!  Where does the time go?  I still remember when I first met her at our old place of employment.

Unfortunately I slept for a good portion of the day because I had worked last night.  But I got up at 3 pm and then we started our special day.

The first part of the day was spent getting the air conditioner into the bedroom window since it is SO hot and humid.  It was 83 degrees in the bedroom, even with the fan on.  The air conditioner fits even better here at the house than at the old apartment.  There we had to use old socks to seal up all parts of the window 🙂  The only bad thing is that because there are only two windows in the bedroom, now with the air conditioner, we can only have one window open for air ventilation and that window is in the closet!   The temp decreased into the 70s within a few hours!  Much better.  I can’t wait to sleep in a room with no humidity tonight.

My sweetie gave me the sweetest card.  It completely describes how both of us feel about our relationship!

On Our Anniversary

Today I’m remembering when we first got together and all those happy times we’ve shared together since.

Today I’m appreciating you for all the happiness you’ve brought me through the years–for the strengths I knew you had from the beginning and the ones I didn’t recognize until daily life made them clear to me.

Today I’m celebrating all the good things about our relationship…the things that never seem to change, even with life’s ups and downs.

Today I look to the future with such happy hopes and dreams for both of us…because I still think fate brought us together for a reason, and I’m still glad you’re the one I’m on this beautiful journey with.


I’m so lucky!

Isn’t that life the PERFECT card?  I loved it.  I didn’t get her a card because I’ve been stuck at work for the last three days!  But that’s okay.  We don’t need any card to tell us that we are doing just fine 🙂

So.  We had been planning on going to The Olive Garden for the longest time for our anniversary dinner.  We LOVE that place.  The food is so good.  It’s actually been quite a while since we have gone out anywhere for a meal, mostly because we’re poor.  So needless to say, we were both looking forward to it a lot.

And even though the food was amazing (as usual!)–[we had the bread sticks with Alfredo dipping sauce, salad with Italian dressing, five cheese penne, and two different desserts, chocolate raspberry cheesecake and a lemon cake, AND a bottle of a wonderful wine]–overall we had an AWFUL time.


Because people are just rude.

We were seated in an area where there were about 5-7 other tables.  One was occupied by a couple who were very quiet.  We liked them!  But then about five minutes after we were seated another couple of women were seated directly behind us, within about 2 feet.  And they were LOUD.  They were talking so loud I couldn’t even believe how loud they were.  And then the one woman’s cell phone rang (out loud, no vibrate here baby) and she answered it and proceeded to have at least a five minute conversation AT HER TABLE.  HOW RUDE.  I mean, please, take it out to the lobby at least.  Have some consideration for your fellow dining companions.  And if that wasn’t bad enough, then there was this other family that was seated way across the way from us…at least 10-15 feet.  But the husband immediately whipped out his cell phone and proceeded to make a business call.  We could hear every word of the conversation from where we were seated.  I was getting SO annoyed.  And then, to cap it all off, towards the end of our meal a family with two young kids (probably about 2 and 3 years old) were seated next to us.  Ugh.  I mean, I don’t have anything against kids.  Heck, I even want to have kids in the future.  But please, do not take them to a fancy sit-down restaurant!  They were screaming out and banging their toys on the table.  It was grating on the nerves. At that point we pretty much were so annoyed that we decided to get our desserts to go and stopped eating.

All we wanted was a nice, quiet meal out to celebrate our anniversary.  But we didn’t get it.

I know I say this a lot, but I honestly don’t understand why people have to be so loud and disrespectful.  Common courtesy is all I’m looking for.  I mean, we were both quiet.  But I don’t think people care about others anymore.

Once we left the restaurant we both breathed a sigh of relief!

What a disappointment.

But at least we could laugh about it later.  We decided that if we ever go there again, we will sit at the bar area.  It seemed to be quiet there.  I don’t think kids are allowed in that area!

We had a lot of our bottle of wine left over.  The bottle serves 8 glasses 🙂  It was wonderful.  Crisp and sweet and easy on the palette.  The name of it was Principato Rosato.  We had a glass tonight while blogging!



It’s pink!



With my card…

After coming home, we decided to spend the remainder of the night at one of our favorite places, Barnes and Noble.  It was very relaxing.

Now we are home, both of us are blogging, and we are planning on watching some of Season One of The Apprentice after, along with some leftovers!

I wonder what changes will have occurred one year from now?  I love how you just don’t know the exact future…but it’s fun to plan and wonder 🙂

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