Dreading the Weekend…

Friday, July 24, 2009

I know most people look forward to the weekend, but I can only do that twice a month.  I really wish I had a job where I didn’t have to work every other weekend.

It doesn’t help much that I had the most MISERABLE night of sleep last night.  I got to bed at a decent hour and was set to go to sleep by a little after 1 am.  But then I COULD NOT get to sleep.

I kept rolling over and looking at the clock and the time would just keep passing, minute by minute.  And for each minute that passed, I would get more and more frustrated.

It was humid.  There was a strange noise coming from the fan.  I was thinking too much.

Not a good combination for sleep.

But somehow I didn’t wake up until 11 am and when I last looked at the clock it was 4 am.  So I guess I managed to toss and turn for 7 hours.

When I came downstairs, Kimm was on the couch.  She’d been up since 6:30 am.  So she didn’t get much sleep either.

I just don’t like going to work without a satisfying rest.

We had to go grocery shopping today because we were pretty much out of everything.  We did pretty good too–only $109.  Goal was a$100.  Fairly close.  Good enough for me 🙂

Okay, so now I will start getting ready for work.  My only hope is that this weekend is not that tough.  I’m not in the mood.

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