Am I Crazy?

Tuesday, July 21, 2009

I MUST BE.  Because I agreed to work an extra 8 hour shift tonight from 11 pm to 7 am.

I told myself yesterday when I went in for work that if I was asked to work Tuesday into Wednesday, I would.  And I thought I made it.  I had already given report.  I was waiting for my team member finish giving report and then I would have been out of there.  But…as luck would have it, the clinical coordinator saw me and asked me if I wanted to come in.  I won’t lie.  There was a moment where I was like, “you don’t have to do this.”  But then the thought of the extra money in my paycheck, along with the fact it is ONLY 8 hours, and I’ll still have two days off after this took over, and I agreed and said, “yes.”

You should have seen the look on the clinical coordinator’s face.  I have said “no” so many times that I think she was just expecting me to say it again.  So when I said “yes” she did a double take and said “really?”  When I confirmed that she had indeed heard the right answer, she said, “you must have just had a bill come in.”  Ha Ha.

I have plenty of debt to still pay off even though it is MUCH less than it was last year at this time.

I have to say that changing my career to a nurse has helped TREMENDOUSLY with reducing my debt.

So whenever I complain about it, I try to remember that.

I’m not looking forward to going in tonight because it has been raining ALL DAY LONG.  Hopefully my feet won’t get soaked before I get to work 🙂

So I’ve relaxed since I got up at 4 pm.  I spent time on my computer catching up with blogs, downloading more apps for my iphone, and now Kimm is going to make banana milkshakes before I leave.  I’ve already showered, so I still have about 1/2 hour of free time.  Whippee!!

So now I am REALLY looking forward to my next two nights off.

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