First Meal from the Garden!!

Sunday, July 19, 2009

Well, not a WHOLE meal, but a portion of the meal 🙂

But, let me start at the beginning.  Today was a day of wonderful eats.  I just have to repeat–I love my days off because I feel I have more time to create our meals.

So, first up…Breakfast.

I decided to make blueberry pancakes.  Just a box mix.  But with a whole bunch of blueberries–about 1/2 a pint.  We each had two pancakes with some real maple syrup–there is nothing like the taste of real maple syrup.


I love how the blueberries pop with juice when you bite into them!

Then, next up…Lunch.

This is where our first produce from the garden made its appearance.  We have green beans!  Now I am not even that much of a fan of green beans, but these were good.  Maybe because it was knowing that I had actually grown these.  And I went through a lot to pick them.  There were at least four bees out there buzzing around.  If you know me at all, you know I have a phobia of bees.  But I had on sweatpants and a long sleeved shirt to pick the beans so I just kept going and got a bowl worth.  I just boiled them for 4 minutes so they were still nice and crispy, then covered with a pat of butter and sea salt.  Again, SO. GOOD.


Look at how FRESH they look!


Paired perfectly with homemade mashed potatoes and a noodle dish

Last, but certainly not least…Dinner.

We made mini pizzas.  Covered them with tomoatoes, green and red peppers, and onions, and of course lots of mozzarella cheese.  The tomatoes were so juicy and flavorful.  Really wonderful meal.


I absolutely love pizza and could eat it for every meal…

I felt so satisfied with everything I ate tonight.

We had a productive and relaxing day.  Kimm and I both got a bunch of cleaning/filing/organizing done in the office.  And then we watched a lot of HGTV tonight.  All of the shows were NOT repeats for once!

Tomorrow is already Monday and I am back to work.  But only for one day and then THREE more days off.  I can’t wait.

Today Charlie was the one who was all relaxed…


He is just TOO cute!

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Oven Toasted Zucchini Grinders

Saturday, July 18, 2009

I only have 13 minutes to try to post this before it becomes July 19th 🙂

Sometimes I am such a dork.  I like my posts to post on the day that they occurred!

So, this is what I am doing now…


Some wine (we opened the bottle from Peter, our realtor–very tasty) and my computer

Today I accomplished a bit more than yesterday–which is a good thing.  First, I helped Kimm go through about 2/3 of the stuff of hers that was in boxes and bags in the basement.  She threw out a HUGE black plastic bag of stuff.  I just love it when we get rid of stuff.  Less stuff to store.  She’s been meaning to go through that stuff for quite a while, but today she had the momentum to do it.

Then, I cooked three different things!  Two meals, and one dessert.  I will showcase them in the next couple of days.

Today I will give the recipe for some really yummy grinders.  Simple and satisfying.  We were both starving after being in the basement for almost two hours!

Oven Toasted Zucchini Grinders

Serves two


Two zucchini, cut into chunks, with skin still on

1 tablespoon butter

Salt and pepper

1 cup spaghetti sauce

Two grinder rolls

Approximately 1/2 cup of mozzerella cheese

To make:

First cut up the zucchini.


Then add the butter to a large skillet.  Add the zucchini and then salt and pepper to taste.  Cook over medium heat for about 20 minutes, stirring occasionaly, until the zucchini is softened, and slightly browned.


Add the spaghetti sauce and stir until warm.


At this point, preheat the oven to 400 degrees.  Place each grinder roll on a sheet of tin foil.  Then spoon half of the zucchini mixture into each roll.  Top generously with cheese.


Create little packets with the tin foil by bringing the edges up over the roll and crimping together.  Place on a cookie sheet and bake for 10-15 minutes (less if you like a less crispy roll, more if you like a really toasty roll like me!).  Remove from oven and let sit about 5 minutes before eating.


Oh yeah, baby…

And after, for dessert, I had to have some yogurt, granola, and honey mixed together.  I’m OBSESSED.  SO. GOOD.

I wish I could have done this all day.





The life of leisure…

It was hot and humid out today so we made an executive decision to go to Barnes and Noble tonight to sit in the air conditioning.  It was nice.  Of course we had to treat ourselves to a Mint Mocha Chip Frappacino.  Those things are dangerously addicting.  Thankfully I made it out without buying anything else.  But I used my iphone to take a bunch of pictures of books I want to look for at the local library.

Now after my blog is posted, I will relax by catching up with my google reader with the blogs I follow.

Enjoy the rest of the weekend.

p.s.  I didn’t get to post this for today since it’s 12:09.  DARN.

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