Cheapest Grocery Store Item Yet!

Monday, July 13, 2009


Yep…a small piece of ginger for only SIX cents!! I’ll be using this during the week on a recipe I’ll be posting…

This is going to be a super short post for two reasons.  One, I barely have any battery left and I’m too lazy to go and get the cord.  Two, my eyes are so sleepy I can barely type!

Anyways, this is my first day off and that’s why I’m so tired.  Got up at about 2 pm (crawled into bed by 9 am after reading a bunch of blogs…I’m so addicted!)

Kimm and I went grocery shopping.  We spent about $115 at two different places–at Geissler’s on a bunch of produce and then our regular shopping at Stop and Shop.  I think we are doing pretty good so far this month.  It’s almost half over and we’ve spent about $230 thus far.  The goal was $400 so I think we can make it 🙂  It’s actually a little bit fun to try to determine how to cut your grocery bill down.  But I still think it would be more fun to be able to grocery shop and get anything you wanted without having to worry about how much it cost!

Now I am off for a nappy nap!

What is the cheapest item you have ever paid for at the grocery store?

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