Another one bites the dust…

Sunday, July 12, 2009

Another day done of working.  Only one more before two days off.  Thank goodness.

Last night was not as frustrating as some nights at work can be, but really, I think patients forget that they are at a hospital.  I think some think they are at a restaurant (ringing bells at midnight and later…”can I have a sandwich?…chicken salad because that is my favorite…).   I kidded a fellow co-worker and said that I should ask for a waitress pad in my Christmas stocking.  I especially love it when someone says they have 10/10 pain and feel nauseous but then in the next breath, as I’m getting ready to leave the room to get the pain and anti-nausea medications, you hear “can I get a Jello when you come back?”  WHAT???  You say you are nauseous, and have the most excruciating pain ever, but a Jello would be nice????  This is what drives me crazy in my job.  Well, only a small fraction of what drives me crazy.  But I can only focus on this today.

This is why I simply think of my job as a job.  There are the rare times that I feel like I’m making a difference, but they don’t occur that often.

So I say again, another day of work done…and I try to leave all the bad stuff out of my mind when I come home.  If I thought about it too much, I could go crazy!

fyi:  tomorrow we will be going grocery shopping–we actually made it 10 days on our first trip!

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