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Wednesday, July 8, 2009

Hey, did everyone notice that today was 07/08/09?  That won’t happen again!  Very cool.

I’m feeling a bit tired right now, so this will be a quick post.

I went in for an extra shift last night at work and boy, what a night!  Just extremely busy.  I don’t think I’ve ever seen it this busy at work.  I started with 6 patients and then got an admission.  Having 7 patients is kind of unsafe to me.  But hey, they are trying to save money, so who am I to say anything.  To make a long story short, the night was non-stop busy.  I was extremely happy to leave.  I will be happy when I see my paycheck.

Don’t you ever wish you were independently wealthy and did not have to work for a living?  I do.  And when I do, I have happy thoughts 🙂

So I slept for 6 hours.  And was groggy when I woke up.  But after about a half hour, I felt better.  Kimm’s car was fixed today.  Turns out that the brake lines had rusted through and needed to be replaced.  A quick way to spend $200.  I don’t want to jinx myself, but I STILL have not had to have a major car repair with my Hyundai Elantra (just oil changes and replacing the battery).  I hope my good luck continues.

After we went to pick up Kimm’s car we went for our walk.  AGAIN I was totally unmotivated.  But the thing that made me feel excited was that we were going to try a new route.   You can only look at the same houses so much before you’re bored!  So we started the same way and then went off on a side street.  And it was SUCH a nice street.  Completely quiet, shaded, with large beautiful houses.  If we had never gone down that road, I wouldn’t have known it had existed.  We will definitely have to keep it in mind for the future if we ever decide to move.  And the best thing was, it turned out to be a dead end and was halfway through our walk–so the entire walk was still 2.5 miles.

Kimm’s knees were still bothering her and so I finally convinced her to ice them.  She said they feel a little bit better so hopefully it helped.  My shins don’t bother me at all anymore, thank goodness.

I had a few cherries before and after my walk.  They were so good.  I absolutely love cherries, but I HATE that they are so expensive.  We are going to check out Price Rite this week to see how their fruit and vegetable prices are.  I’m hoping I’ll be able to find some cheaper cherries.  If not, I’ll be getting more anyway–they were that good!

Kimm and I are having a relaxing evening in…like usual 🙂  I swear, I’m such a homebody.  But I don’t think that is a bad thing!  Later we are going to have a banana milkshake—yum, yum.

Now, on to the title of my post.  I picked up this a while back at the grocery store.  I wanted to try a dark chocolate candy bar because they say that dark chocolate is better than milk chocolate (for the health benefits).


My verdict?

I really liked this chocolate for many reasons.

**First, the taste.  It’s deep, intense, creamy, with a hint of sweetness.  I love how it melts on my tongue.

**Second, the ingredients: cocoa mass (100% crushed cocoa beans), evaporated cane sugar, unrefined cocoa butter, cocoa powder, vanilla.  That’s it.  Talk about not a lot of unnecessary, strange ingredients.

**Third, all ingredients are certified organic.

**Fourth, this chocolate company was started by three friends back in 1974.  Total grass roots beginnings.  Today it is Europe’s leading manufacturer of certified organic products.

**Fifth, this company works with thousands of organic farmers in more than 35 countries in a program called “Hand in Hand –Ecology and Fair Trade.”  Basically, this program pays farmers a price premium directly and contributes to social projects that improve the farmers’ communities.

**Sixth, this dark chocolate is not bitter!  This is what has always scared me about dark chocolate.  But this company does what’s called a “conching process” for 24 hours which reduces the bitterness that naturally occurs in cocoa beans.  Conching is part of a blending process of the cocoa butter, cocoa beans, and sugar.  A lot of other chocolates on the market are only conched for a few hours–thus more bitterness.  This company also does not take shortcuts in conching by treating the cocoa beans with potassium carbonate like other companies do.  They use NO artificial ingredients or chemicals.

**Seventh, they use whole cane sugar.  The sugar cane is squeezed, dried, and ground.  That’s it.  Other sugar canes have a more processed refining process.

Many good reasons to try!

Here are the nutrition stats:
2 servings per bar (but these would be large servings–there are 12 small squares and that is what I eat per time–plenty)

But per serving (1/2 bar)–217 calories, no trans fat, no cholesterol or sodium, 4 grams fiber, 12 grams sugar, 2 grams protein

So for a 2 square serving (1/6 bar)–72 calories, 4 grams sugar.  Not too shabby.

They have lots of products to try–

I don’t know about you, but I love chocolate.  While writing this post, I had to have 2 squares because my mouth was watering 🙂

Enjoy your night.

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